lundi 9 février 2015

Monsieur Serge et les dames

                                    Monsieur Serge est un dégueu… lasse
                                    Aux nuits des femmes, il se pré… lasse
                                    Toujours prêt pour un fesse-à… face
                                    Il en a fait tanguer des blon… dasses
                                    Démonter, remonter des cu… lasses
                                    Dans le cockpit de son bi… place
                                    Au réveil, pas besoin de lave… glace
                                    Dans son J 'n' B, juste un peu de… glace
                                    Rousses et brunes et blondes, hé… las
                                    Les a quittées un mois de… mars
                                    Pour s'envoyer au septième ciel avec une gi… tane

01 - Joanna
02 - Ballade de Melody Nelson
03 - Baille baille Samantha
04 - Eva
05 - Pauvre Lola
06 - Chanson de Maglia (Texte de Victor Hugo)
07 - Élisa
08 - Marilu
09 - Shush Shush Charlotte
10 - Pamela Popo
11 - Elaeudanla Téïtéïa
12 - Manon
13 - Daisy Temple
14 - Lola Rastaquouère
15 - Judith
16 - Marilou sous la neige
17 - Goodbye Emmanuelle
18 - Je vous salue Marie

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  1. Réponses
    1. I see that you are a french music fan !!!

    2. Oui, Monsieur! BTW, there's a French singer I would dearly love to have a selection compiled by you -- and that's Sapho. Especially her earlier, pre- world music years (Le Paris stupide album era). any chance for that?

    3. Sorry, I have not the album you search. I have one of the same year. The bitrate is not very good but the music is realy good.

      I hope you get satisfaction !

    4. Oh my, I haven't even heard this one! Merci -- thank you -- spasibo!!!! Le Paris stupide I have on cassette and in mp3, found somewhere on the web -- both quite poor quality, alas. In case you want it, I can share, of course.

    5. Of course, I will be happy to discover a French record from Russia !

    6. Here it is, mon ami
      Some truly exceptional songs on this album, hope you like it!

    7. Thank you, my friend. I will listen that with a great pleasure.
      If you want some good french singers, I have some very good !
      See you soon

    8. Sapho... j'écoutais ça quand j'étais gamine.

  2. @ Mylène
    Quand tu étais gamine ! C'était hier !!!

  3. Bloody Hell ! entrre Gainsbourg et les russes fans de Sapho, on est donc pas près de trouver une compile de Delpech ici !

    1. My knowledge of the French language is quite rudimentary, but as for Delpech and Russian fans here you go!

    2. If you are fan of Delpech, you are welcome in my home, because I am fan too ! But you know, he makes other CD since '70 !!!!!

    3. JeePeeDee, t'es qu'un rabat-joie !!!!! ;-b

  4. @Keith, yeah, I know he continues to record, but I only have his 3-CD Fan de toi boxset. The Russian version of Pour un flirt was one of the songs my mom liked a lot when I was a very young kid, 5 or 6, I learned that it's not an original only when I was 20 or so.

    1. Hi, my friend, try this :

    2. Oh my! That's a treasure! Merci mon ami!
      BTW if there's any Russian music you're interested in, just tell me, I may have that to share (yes, I noticed that Russian metal compilation, but there are some bands and artists worth listening here beyond metal)

    3. I am a great fan of ария, one of my favorite heavy metal band.
      Если вы можете порекомендовать мне некоторые российские рок- записей , я буду счастлив. Нет чрезвычайной ситуации, я иду в отпуск на неделю.

    4. Cool, then. I'll try to make some sort of a compilation by Russian bands I like (not just metal, mind you ;))

    5. Alright, it's good for me ! But don't forget electric guitar !!!!! ;-D